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Different MIDI ports for Erae Lab and hosts


Since it is possible now to choose to send both MPE and non MPE messages on a sigle MIDI port, and since Erae Touch can mke use of two ports, is there a way in Windows to use one port for edition with Erae Lab and another one for the hosts? It would allow to use both without having to quit Erae Lab every time ...

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The only thing that works for me currently is live modifying mpe controls:

- Open EraeLab and turn on option Split MPE on.
- Open DAW (Ableton in my case) and set up MIDI ports so that i listen only Erae Touch (Port 2) 
- Turn preview on EraeLab
- Drag a control to layout (e.g keygrid) 
- On Tune sidebar turn on MPE checkbox for that control.
at this time i can work with keygrid control in Lab and instantly hear the change in DAW.

everything else non-mpe is still unusable (namely cos of the setup of midi in daw)

feeling of changing settings without closing lab/daw is great. I can only whish to fully control this brilliant device.

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Yes, I don't see why it could not be possible in a near future. 

It is how the Joué controller works, one MIDI port for its editor and another one for the DAWs and it works perfectly and transparently for the user.

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i also like this idea, would be great to have a 3 midi ports in total

1: standard midi port
2: MPE midi port

3: midi for erealab

that way you could still utilize the normal midi in any daw (on windows), work with erealab at the same time, and you dont need to use some extra software

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