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Allow Faders to send MIDI pitch bend messages

Apparently, faders (1D & 2D) can only send CC.

Pitch Bend messages would really be great.

(with an optional 14bits high-resolution, please :-)

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Hey Mathieu, thanks for your idea! 

We unfortunately do not see the vision of our product using a pitchwheel masked as a fader that sends pitchbend messages. We created the ERAE Touch to showcase the beauty of gliding, and sliding to achieve pitchbending, opposite to what traditional MIDI controllers use with their "pitchwheel". I would highly suggest to use pitchwheels with controllers of other sort, as for the Touch, we believe that the experience of bending pitch is best sought through the different gliding methods that are highly expressive and available on the touch.

Thanks again for posting!



I understand and respect your vision of your product, but I don't see how not implementing the choice of a MIDI message could be a benefit for users, especially when it is just a another message to add which may need avery small amount of work ...

MPE synths DO respond to global pitch bend messages (ch1) that is added to the MPE / per key pitch bend ; so I really think it would totally make sens to have a pitch slider / wheel on the device itself.

+ high resolution (14bits) pitch bend message is very useful in many situations, (fine-tuning some parameters in Live, for example..) ; I miss it.

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Dear Jean-Marc,

A "small amount of work" is not entirely the reality, as it requires a lot of resources to create such a result. We have discussed it many times with our dev team, and they told us that it requires a lot of coding to achieve that on this device, to which we would rather give priority to other features like implementing MIDI inputs in Win11 or  Pixel Canvas for the time being.

Although we try our best to please everyone as much as we can, we cannot cater to every single person's needs.

Thank you for your post.

We will consider everything you guys are saying, and figure out the highest priorities for our entire customer base.



Dear Mathieu,

Our current pitchbend message is already in 14 bits resolution, it is impossible to have it NOT in 14 bit. On the ERAE, the way to pitchbend is basically through the slide. I am not sure you are using your controller's power to its maximum potential.

Let me know if you have any further questions

I'm sorry if that seems obvious, but I'm not sure to fully understand.  I'm thinking to buy en ERAE touch soon.

So basically, Faders CC Values are encoded as 7 bits ? 14 bits ?

I guess x/y/z controls are encoded as 7 bits values as well ?

Can you be a bit exhaustive on what is encoded with which definition ?

Thanks in advance !


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