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A couple of issues

I've emailed support about these issues but I thought I'd post here in case anyone gets the same problems. I will update the post as things get resolved.

1. When I first turn on my Erae, the touch does not work as expected.

  • I have to touch the pad twice to make a note sound
  • It sends random midi commands to my other devices causing them to change programs/patches. Even with one device connected directly it does this.
To fix the above problem I have found that running the squencer on layout 9, then going back to another layout, it works as expected.

Please see video here -

2. The other issue seems to be thta I have 4 columns of pixels not working correctly, so when I press these harder, other sensors are triggered on this same vertical column. Here are a couple of videos to show you this.

I can fix this problem by removing the ghost notes by using ALT + -, but when I next switch the Erae off and then back on, it goes back to both of the above problems.

Hopefully support can provide a solution!


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I just opened up my erae today and I also have the 2nd problem

Support have got back to me about these issues and are sending me a replacement. I recommend contacting them including a video. They were quick to respond and very helpful.

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For some unit the detection threshold is a bit too low.

Before anything try to set the Erae Pressure Sensitivity to around 20 (in ERAE Lab Settings) 

And let us know here if that solves the issue.

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I tried this but it does not work for me unfortunately.

yeah my erae started at 20 and I still had the problem up to 42 ._.

Hi, great to hear from you and the ghost note removal did help. However I am simply wondering if it is possible to turn off the auto calibration when switching on? If that is on I will have to calibrate those specific areas every time I unplug and then switch it back on again. Up to now there are three areas where multiple times of ghost note calibration is needed.

I'm running into nearly the same issues.  I'll add videos tomorrow, but it's essentially:

  • Notes randomly not working or, less frequently, causing issues with other synths.  Seems to only really affect me when using the MIDI port; USB through my Force seems okay.
  • Columns of pixels that trigger notes up the entire column.  There are 2-3 columns that are very reproducible with a heavy pressure.  There are a few others that I can get to trigger a little if I roll my finger towards the edge of the pad/key.  Pressure setting didn't do anything for me - I tweaked it up enough that the notes no longer sound, but I still see the notes being triggered on the screen.

@Scott, try running the sequencer to see if it fixes the first problem, it works every time for me. Just add a couple of notes, press play, let it run through once then stop, then go back to another layout to test. I haven't used USB for midi yet, only the midi port, so I'm guessing this is random bug easily fixed because I can repeat this issue reliably every time.

@Jason - Mine doesn't seem to be quite as reproducible as yours and doesn't stop working long enough to really try the sequencer trick.  Haven't figured out how to consistently reproduce it yet.

As for the ghost notes, here's my video:

@Scott Yes that's definitely the same as my problem number 2, which you can fix using the ghost note removal, but then that gets reset when you unplug and the plug the device back in. Let's hope support can resolve the issue. They said they would replace my unit but I've no idea when that will be, I'm guessing they may have a big faulty batch they need to sort out, or they could be working on a software fix, who knows.

Hi Everyone,


We found out that the issue is software related.

We are already working on the problem.

To sum-up, the new production batch behave a bit differently than the two previous one, so we have to readjust the sensor processing and filtering.

A hot fix should be released this week.

Keep us posted here or by email once the firmware is released or by email but we should not have to replace your unit.

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Ok, having same issue with a new batch erae, so i'll wait for the update! ;)
Except for the vertical glitches I'm pretty impressed :)
Should drop a video of a live session soon!

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Maybe it's best to make 1 topic concerning this issue?

Best regards,


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Ok that's great, looking forward to it. Once that fix has been done and it works, hopefully you can look into my other problem where I have to run the sequencer first before I do anything, otherwise random midi is sent to devices.

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