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Pressure sensitivity


I would love to see pressure sensitivity to be added in the Erae Lab software. At the moment there is a Min. and Max. slider to adjust the range which pressure can affect. And pressure sensitivity could also be a slider with light touch to hard press or a dropdown with soft, middle and hard or similar. This would adjust how hard you would have to press down a note to get the maximum value.

I am asking for this feature, because I think it is hard to play notes without them instantly being at the maximum pressure level.

I don't know if this is possible with the hardware or if it is already at the lowest sensitivity and can't detect any harder presses. But if not, I would love to see that feature :)



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WIth the new 1.2 Lab/firmware the global sensitivity allows to adjust the overall sensitivity and pressure range: it is nice and work very well for most of the cells/objects.

But it doesn't solve the problem of sensitivity differences in some zones: if I set the global sensitivity to adapt for the worst ones  the pressure range is too small for the others, and of course if I increase the max they cannot reach the full range.

So, like Icedragonscale has said, and as some of us have requested months ago, could you add the same setting at the object level ?

Thanks !

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