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PlugIns (Max for Live) for Ableton Live

Hey I thought this might be a good place to let you know that I made 2 Max for Live devices for using the Erae Touch with Ableton Live. 

You can get them both HERE:

Automatic Layout Selection via MIDI (controller and automation):

The Erae Touch Layout selector lets you pick and change layouts on your Erae Touch from within Ableton Live. This way you can set up automatic changes e.g. when you start another song or control changes via key and MIDI commands.


Layout Selection via Track Selection

The Track Selection to Layouts lets you set up an automatic selection of a layout slot on your Erae Touch depending on which track is selected in Ableton Live. This becomes handy if you are doing some live performance in Ableton's Session View: Just select the track in Ableton Live which you want to play on and the Erae Touch will change to the dedicated layout automatically. You will find a short set up tutorial here: 


More info on the stuff I do with the Erae Touch and Ableton Live here:

This is amazing! Thank you so much! 

I concur! Very useful in a live set :)

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