ERAE 1.4 is now here. (Software & Firmware Update)

Hi Everyone,

We have not forgotten you!

We are aware that our communication and updates in the last 12 months has been sporadic, so here is short statement addressing some of the concerns mentioned in this forum (and elsewhere):

As you are already aware we are a small team of 6 people working full time and have been taken (not to say overwhelmed) into many different projects including the development of our breakthrough technology IRIS and fundraising to get this innovation into the real world. I will not expand too much about this here but this new technology and sensors has been in our roadmap since day one, and will be embedded into many different products and applications to come!

With the reveal of ERAE II at NAMM you can now understand why we’ve been under stealth mode for so long!
We have taken all of the feedback from our community of users (more than 1500 to this day!) and worked on some important improvement of the hardware for this new version.
The linearity and sensitivity of the force sensors being an important part of our focus for the R&D team.

To reassure you and all of the new customers we’ve also been working on the portability of all of the firmware and software between the two versions.
As you can see from the video at NAMM, beside the Looper function and the CV Gates output, the firmware running on those prototypes is the exact same as ERAE Touch.

And to prove our goodwill :wink: and commitment we are releasing a new firmware version 1.4 that will fix some minor bugs and UI/UX issues!

It does not includes the major features that we’ve discussed with some of you already but be assured that your ERAE will be compatible with MIDI 2.0 in the coming months, as well as some cool UI updates such as element orientation and the ability to edit notes and colors at the pixel level (without the max element limitation).

Our goal at the moment is to be able to ship the first batch of ERAE II this summer and make the official software release and portability to ERAE I along with it.

In the coming days we will publish more and more videos and informations about this new product but do not hesitate to ask any specific questions you have here!

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My first two questions:
- will the new version still have the 48 item limit?
- will it support the Polyphonic Aftertouch message?

Hi Jean-Marc,

Not yet.

Every new feature is listed  in the Release document above.

But those two features you are asking are still in our roadmap and compatible both for Erae I & II

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Thank you Alex,
I thought that I have read that the 48 objects limit was due to Erae I hardware memory, but I am glad that it is not the case.
As for Polyphonic Aftertouch, well, it might be on the roadmap since a few years now ;-)
So good news !

Animation on API zone : that's a very cool feature, thanks :-)

but it's not multitouch :-(

(Slide Finger animation with 'Halo' shape)

only 1 finger at a time can have a Slide animation...

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Dou you mean like being able to have several simultaneous and independant fingers inside a 2D pad ?

If so, I was wondering if the API zone was already providing this...

It works wery wonderfully in the Sensel Morph, and even in the Roli Lightpad Block, so I really hope that it will be available at least in the Area 2 !

Yes, API zone ARE multitouch :-)

It's just the new animations on API zone that seems to be limited to 1 finger.. (for now ?)

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Thanks Mathieu, so there is nothing that prevent the XY pads to be multitouch later, since the API zone needs something like Max or PD to work, no ?


I suppose that as you said, nothing prevents XY pads to be multitouch.

API zone works with SYSEX messages, so Max, PD or any environment providing this can be used to work with the API. And it handles multitouch !

Embodme team,

Great effort.

I still think the Erae lab is somehow underfeatured, particularly concerning available widgets.

I'm pretty sure an open Lab API allowing users to create their own widgets and share them to the community  would be great for your EraeLab (thus allowing "free" developpers like me to contribute).  Many musicians may want to use your products in contexts that you cannot imagine : the available widgets are very restrictive for now, particularly when considering the potential of the hardware. 

Still, great effort, thanks.

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Yes, sysex are nice, but  I am afraid that it means a lot of efforts then to convert them to MPE, if even possible.

I still hope that Embodme will simply support multitouch in XY pads...

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