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Bitwig & Erae Touch

If you own the Erae Touch Controller and would like to use it in Bitwig and would like to use more functionality before official script, here are the instructions:

- download the ZIP

- download Generic Flexi script from Moss website -

- Select the Generic Flexi Script in Bitwig
- Select the Generic Controller Script in Bitwig

- load the Flexi script settings from the attached zip in the Bitwig Controller Settings inside the Generic Flexi window.

- Load the Lab project from the zip in EraeLab, Pull it to your Erae Touch controller and use Layouts 1, 2 and 3 and their alts. (firmware 1.2 needed)

- Set your controller settings as in the screenshot and also set up the loopMIDI if you are windows user and would like to have EraeLab and Bitwig open at the same time (good for live tweaking of the layouts, not necessary, you can choose Erae Touch and Erae Touch as the in and out).

The 8 faders are mapped to the 8 default macro knobs for every Bitwig device (Layout 2, 3). Layout 1 has 3 faders and XY pad, default for every ROLI MPE synth.

Layout 2 is Drumpad with 8 faders. Alt is the same but with different mapping (XO vs Addictive Drums).

The navigation panel is for the clip view. The arrows UP and Down navigate tracks, Arrows right and left navigate the clips. You can navigate to a clip and push the RED button to start recording, you can push the red button again to stop the recording and play that recorded clip. Other buttons are for Stop, Undo, Arm rec, arm auto rec.
You will try and see.

Let me know what you think, I will be posting new layouts and updates here.

(4.03 MB)
(4.01 MB)
(4.22 MB)
(3.02 MB)
(4.18 MB)
(15.5 KB)

I forgot screenshot of the loopMIDI software for Windows users.
Just create 2 ports, name tham DAW to Lab, Lab to DAW and set them as in the screenshot above.

With this method, you HAVE to have opened Lab + loopMIDI + Bitwig at the same time for the Erae to function properly.

If you want to use just the Erae inside Bitwig alone, set Erae Touch as Midi in and Midi out.

(11.7 KB)

Checking after few days, I realized that this method only works for VST plugins, not antive Bitwig devices. Native Bitwig devices have problems with the MPE functionality of the Erae Touch in the 1.2. firmware update.

Before Embodme does an additional bugfix, you can't MPE control both Bitwig native devices and VST plugins because of the 2 controller outputs somehow not working together as they should. Reverting back to 1.1 firmware is needed.
I am filling a ticket to send to Embodme atm about this issue.

Hi Neureal,

I faced a similar problem with Bitwig native devices and VST plugins, and reported the problem here:

I have since created my own Bitwig controller extension which I have made available here:

Maybe it is of some use to you.


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For MPE devices, the Roli Seaboard Rise extension is the go-to extension. It works for internal devices and VSTs, as long as MPE is checked for the plugin in the inspector.

If you have a hassle with BeneathCloud's extension, try this:

1) Eliminate all other extension that refer to the Erae Touch and...

2) Make sure that you shutdown Bitwig and restart after you delete the previous extensions.

Both of these steps were necessary for me to be able to use BeneathCloud's extension. 

I hope this helps. 

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