ERAE Touch - FULL Walkthrough out now!

ERAE Touch is a MIDI polyphonic expressive pad made to transform your music production experience into an interactive performance. This walkthrough series has been designed by us, a team of 8 passionate people, to guide you through the features of the ERAE Touch in order to help you understand this new technology with ease. 

You can now watch an entire in-depth series in this playlist below be able to navigate the ERAE Touch with ease.

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Why is there no documentation on how to setup the touch with a hardware synth? The page is empty… and I’ve tried two synths over the course of an hour including hanging midi channels and the controller does nothing.

I'm having the same issues as Jim :( 

Please help! 

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Seems I was an idiot. The midi cable was not pushed all the way in… then I had to plug it into my laptop to select the midi channel. All good now.

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Wow, the ERAE Touch FULL Walkthrough is finally out! I've been eagerly waiting for this. Can't wait to dive in and explore all the features. It's great to see such comprehensive guides available for intricate products like this. Kudos to the team for putting this together! Time to enhance my experience with ERAE Touch to the fullest!

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