Step 1) Plug the ERAE Touch into your computer.

Step 2) Open FL Studio, and in your Settings>MIDI>Send master sync. ERAE Touch will appear as an Input. Choose a free port for Input/Output.

If you want to assign a channel on an instrument, right click>receive note from> ERAE Touch> (choose your MIDI channel)

How To Map MIDI in FL Studio:

(Make sure to have the Multi Links knob on the toolbar enabled, if not you can right-click on an empty space in the toolbar, then Edit. To Map, click on the knob, then select your preferred parameters.)

**Cool feature to use for live performances: If you want to send MIDI information on your ERAE touch, you can create a separate MIDI track, void of any VSTs and set the output to ERAE Touch. In this way you can let your ERAE Touch play by itself and light up with notes by copying MIDI into that track.

You can also have multiple elements from your ERAE Touch linked to multiple instruments on the DAW.

In order to know what channel your element is in: tap on your element, and hold the bass clef button on the top of your Touch. On the top right corner, you can find the channel number of the element that you want to use as an output. From there you can map an axis of your elements from the ERAE. After that, you can assign that channel number to any track output in the DAW that you are using. 

Add a MIDI Output to your channel rack, if you want to target a specific element you can choose a channel and make sure to send it to the port of your ERAE. 

Step 3) Load up a VST and start playing.