Step 1) Plug in your ERAE Touch into your computer, after you have turned it on.

Step 2) Open Ableton Live, and in your Preferences tab (Link, Tempo, MIDI), select all boxes of the inputs and outputs of the ERAE Touch under MIDI Ports.

(Enable MPE only if you need it otherwise it can interfere with your session on your classic pitch-bends in non-MPE plugins)

Step 3) If you want to set up your Ableton controller (Livepad Element) choose ERAE Touch as your Control Surface, then add the following script:

For Windows

Unzip and Add the content of this folder into the following folder:

C:\ProgramData\Ableton\Live 11 Suite\Resources\MIDI Remote Scripts

For OSX:

Click right on the Ableton app and select "show package content”. 

Unzip and add the "erae_touch" folder to “MIDI Remote Scripts” folder.

Make sure to close your DAW before updating the firmware

Step 4) Load your favorite VST, choose your layout, scale and start playing directly!

Cool feature to use for live performances: If you want to send MIDI Information to your ERAE Touch, you can select it as an Output channel from your track in Ableton, and have your ERAE Touch light up with the notes that you already played in a MIDI track.

You can also have multiple elements from your ERAE Touch linked to multiple instruments on the DAW.

In order to know what channel your element is in: tap on your element, and hold the bass clef button on the top of your Touch. On the top right corner, you can find the channel number of the element that you want to use as an output. After that, you can assign that channel number to any track output in the DAW that you are using.

Et voila! Now you can enjoy your ERAE dancing to the beat!