The ERAE Lab is a great tool to customise your own layouts and make them your own. You can do this by having different effects, colors and animations to your elements as you play. 

Make sure to enable Live View at the top right corner to view your customisations on the ERAE Touch.

Here are the several ways to style your layout within the ERAE Lab:

1) Drag & Drop/ Resize

You can drag & drop any element from the compose tab on the left, and then resize by dragging the edge of the element, and scale by doing that while holding shift.

2) Degrees & Style

You can select your preferred degrees (hold Alt to select multiple) and change their corresponding style from Solid Color, Linear Gradient, Circular Gradient, Rectangular Gradient or Edge Color.

3) Color Properties

In the color pyramid, you can change the color of your selected element, and save the color that you have chosen by clicking '+' below.

You can also select the level of brightness your colors can have, and even select the duration of your brightness (the time it takes for the note to go back to its initial brightness after playing it).

4) Finger Animation

You can animate your performance by customising your click, slide and release as a Glow, Ripple or Halo. You can also customise the color at which these mechanisms behave.