The ERAE Touch is a very sensitive controller. The temperature, and the movement might slightly change the shape of the silicon surface and the way it triggers the sensors. If you travel with your ERAE, you might have to calibrate it to avoid too much imbalance between the sensors. Like you’ll tune a guitar or any other instrument before playing. You might not need the calibration every time but it could be a useful tool to make sure it respond the way you want.

There are two modes of calibration depending on your need. 

1) Auto-calibration

If a sensor keeps being triggered without touching any part of the ERAE just press home and - simultaneously. It will signal your ERAE that you are not touching it, and therefore understand its need to calibrate.

2) Local Threshold False Positive 

The first one is a very simple false positive, if you touch the surface then click on the Alt and 'home' button simultaneously, you will see the last place where the ERAE was triggered. So if you see that an area is triggered although it was not by you, just go to this calibration mode (Alt and home) and double tap on where it was triggered. The first tap is to select the point you want to calibrate, you can see that it turns red, and the second tap will confirm the correction of the sensors.