The MIDI FX bar on the ERAE Touch can be accessed by tapping on the element you want to apply the effects to and holding the alt-button until the bar appears of the following letters:

H - Harmonizer

A - Arpeggiator

R - Repeater

D - Delay


On the Harmonizer menu, you can play chords on your Touch by stacking up notes with every single note press, the interface is divided into two: Octave and Note

On the Arpeggiator menu, you can choose the range of the arpeggiator by changing the Octave, you can also change the Rate, the clock (BPM or External) as well as the Sequence of the arpeggiator on the left. You can also hold the arpeggiator by toggling the A.

You can also choose to add a Repeater or Delay, which are both essentially the same thing but with varying velocities, and toggle them together with the rest of the effects on the FX bar of the ERAE Touch.

You can also explore an in-depth tutorial on how to navigate the FX interface on the ERAE Touch in our Youtube Walkthrough series right here: