What is a MIDI controller?

MIDI stands for Music Instrument Digital Interface. It is a protocol that is used to transmit digital data between different music devices.

It was invented in the 1980’s for early hardware synthesizers to be synced together. Controllers are used to play and send MIDI Notes and Controls to sound generators.

What is MIDI MPE?

Midi Polyphonic Expression is an evolution of the MIDI 1.0 standard that allows more expressivity and independent control of multiple parameters of multiple notes at the same time (expressive polyphony). MPE allows the variation of the Intensity, Timbre or Texture of multiple notes in different directions.

How does MPE provide musical note independence?

Playing in MPE allows you to control several elements that provide musical note independence. Each note can be manipulated according to a different Pitch, Pressure, Slide, or Lift. These effects can also be applied altogether as they allow more freedom for melodic expression.



Aftertouch Pressure

Slide (Independent Axis CC 74)


Multiple Effects