The Erae Lab is divided in 8 sections, described as follows : 

  1. Version: Erae Touch Firmware Version
  2. Live: Enable/Disable Mirror Mode to compose Live on the Erae Touch when connected to your computer via USB
  3. Edit: Layout number selection (1->16) Save, Upload, Undo
  4. Compose: All the basic Musical Element (Keyboard, Grid, Button, Fader, Sequencer, Launchpad...)
  5. Visualize: Your Canvas to create your Layout (up to 32 Layout stored on the Erae Touch)
  6. Tune: all the Object settings (Scale selection, Midi mapping, MPE On/Off (afterTouch, Glissando,Velocity range...)
  7. Style: Object properties (colors, animations)
  8. Learn: Help section when hovering on each object and its settings