ERAE Firmware Update 1.2.5 is OUT NOW! (Major Bug Fixes)

  • Fixed new Multi-touch column glitch issue
  • Fixed ERAE Touch MIDI TRS output lag
  • Fixed intensity of some notes not returning to normal when released

Note for Mac users: you should forget the ERAE Touch MIDI device in the MIDI setting menu for the new MIDI MPE USB device to be detected.

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Thank you thank you thank you. I'm must be so lucky to receive erea recently so I experienced bugs only short time. The update works like heaven. I was able to restore sensitivity to default and so far not a single issue or ghost note or anything.

Thank you :*

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Yes, this this higher range of sensitivity is a dream come true :)

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Can someone confirm that their MPE still works ? Mine seems not be picked up by Reaper or Bitwig (4.1.6) any longer. Standard Midi works fine. 


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Note for Mac users: you should forget the ERAE Touch MIDI device in the MIDI setting menu for the new MIDI MPE USB device to be detected.

"forget"? you mean delete? my brand new unit just arrived with 1.11!! i updated to 1.25 first thing, but have had big time problems getting mpe to work, getting Live to work, getting a connection with erae lab. I deleted the audio midi icon with the Erae disconnected, but now i cannot get the icon back when i reconnect, i obviously cannot connect to erae lab, and i have no idea how to proceed. Terrible docs, and having to look through the sparse forum postings for what should be somewhat of an expected issue? really annoyed right now


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Hey Nelson,

to further understand your issue, please send us a short video explaining your bizarre situation because normally what you are experiencing should not happen. We will look into it right away and get back to you, to replicate your issue. You drop me directly at

Hope we figure it out!


When is V1.3 coming releasing?

Any news on a new update? New features? :)

I heard something great was coming in the fall. Looking foward to it.

That would be great indeed ;)

Well that would be great! 

1 an sans mise à jour. Si le produit est mort alors qu'il est loin d'être fini ou d'avoir atteint son potentiel, faut le dire. C'est un produit qui coûte assez cher et on a tous été très patients et tolérants mais l'absence de communication commence vraiment à piquer. Personnellement j'ai beaucoup de regrets. 

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I feel you.
I'm mostly afraid that one day my 700€ investment will not have any more support and will be a dead brick.
Already have experienced this with my early adopted LEAP motion.
Suddenly no more support and completely unusable afterwards.

Let's hope that this isn't the case for the erae pad, yet the lack of communication is unsettling indeed.
On the other hand, the negativity surrounding this forum will do them any good.

I hope they find love for this product again very soon, cause they have this great product. <3

Hey guys, how are you doing?

We are currently under the implementation of an entire new system upgrade that will be released very soon. We have not forgotten you, but we usually keep this forum for our users, if you like to ask us anything directly feel free to reach out to But we take into account all your feature requests and something new is coming soon, so stay tuned ;).

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